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Our Process

Start here, go anywhere

We’re committed to partnering with you to ensure you are connected, placed, trained, and fully funded.

  • Discovery Call with Coach

    Start with a 10-minute call with our placement team to gain a better understanding of the available opportunities.

  • Application & Placement

    Fill out an application and determine a placement based on your unique skills and calling. Our team will coach you on finding the best fit.

  • Interview & Appointment

    Get to know the Mesa Global team who will be supporting you along the way.

  • Pre-Field Training

    Develop your skills in Language Acquisition, Cross-Cultural Ministry, Spiritual Formation, Biblical Literacy, Proficiency in Fundraising, and more through courses and 1-1 mentoring.

About Us

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Through a series of events, God redirected our steps to Uganda in 2015 and Mesa Global was there walking beside us all the way. This is now our ninth year here in Uganda and we simply couldn't do it without the support of a strong sending organization. God's grace and Mesa Global have helped us build endurance and perseverance to face the rigors of serving cross-culturally.


God used many people to help me through hard times; now I find myself a friend to many Afghan refugee women who have suffered enormous losses. I want to share with them our Heavenly Father's incredible compassion and comfort and the hope of eternal life!

Tijuana, Mexico and also Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I've had the incredible privilege to serve refugees in Phoenix from multiple countries and it has been incredible to build friendships with so many families. I had the opportunity to visit the family of a close refugee friend while in Malaysia. It really grew my perspective of how much God can use friendships to create bridges and connections all around the world. It also taught me that the work God is doing among refugees in Phoenix not only impacts families in Phoenix, but it can impact families globally.

Phoenix, AZ

Mesa Global provided invaluable support and wisdom during our ministry transitions, allowing us to join God strategically where He is at work. Their emphasis on partnership, both with local ministries and other organizations, has expanded our impact and exemplified God's people working together for His purposes.
Jordan & Maaika

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Mesa Global's prioritization of holistic care has been a significant part of my personal and professional growth with Mesa Interns - Avance España. It’s one thing to read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality; it’s another to see your mentors and colleagues embody these holistic practices in their own lives; and yet another to receive their accompaniment as you develop these practices yourself and with locals.


I moved to Asia at the age of 47 and started studying one of the world's most difficult languages. The investments people made to send me to that big country, are now rippling throughout multiple generations, families, and businesses because of the time invested in building relationships, centered on Christ and his Kingdom.


Joining Mesa Global has been a great experience. They respond within hours of sending an email! They are flexible when it comes to unique individual requirements! Mesa Global also wants to make sure that their missionaries are well equipped before going to the field and provide a training for a month and a half in North Carolina. After completing the training and funding process, Mesa Global is quick to send their missionaries to the field, well prepared for what's ahead!


Throughout our 40 years of service in Senegal, 35 of them with Mesa Global, France-Lise and I have been richly blessed by the spirit of collaboration that has characterized our mission since its inception. This has enabled us, among other things, to contribute to the establishment of a holistic church-planting organization in Muslim environments in Senegal. This national organization worked with local churches of different Christian denominations, in partnership with other churches and international organizations, to reach unreached areas of Senegal.

French Speaking Africa / France

Over the years, I've been allowed to live and serve in drastically different contexts and countries, deeply experience the richness of different views and cultures, and see the gospel at work. In each place, God has graciously provided Mesa Global leadership that has guided, mentored, and helped me thrive in an environment where I can not only discover my own gifts but bring them to the table and see them used to glorify God's name.


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