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As a Avancista I am serving on staff with Milamex in Mexico City. As a staff member I have varying responsibilities in helping organize and carry out events and other eclectic tasks. However, my main role is as a manager at Warmheart. Warmheart is a hostel operating under Milamex. Backpackers from around the world come to Warmheart to experience cross-cultural community and learn about purpose, the world, and each other. My job as manager is to help keep the hostel running, but mainly to pour into these backpackers lives and and try to show them the heart Jesus has for them. Besides generally doing life side by side I organize community events and lunches to help facilitate a real community.
My hope is that every day a backpacker stays here is one in which they are challenged and lead towards Christ. That I might be able to witness and be apart of the Holy Spirit moving in their hearts and lives.

  • That God would send backpackers who are ripe for a harvest. That whether it is seeds planted or accepting Christ that Milamex and myself would be apart of their potential journey towards Christ.
  • For my constant reliance on God and the Holy Spirit.
  • That God would be glorified everyday in Milamex and Warmhearted!