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Your generosity enables our impact globally

Your financial support is what makes this Kingdom work possible. And to us, it’s essential that you’re able to give with confidence—because you know exactly where your gift is going. Our financials are open for viewing and if you have any additional questions, our team is happy to follow up.

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2023 Financial Audit

We take seriously our stewardship of your contributions. Our annual audit is done by an outside firm that reports directly to our board of directors.

ECFA Accredited

ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches and ministries through its annual accreditation of organizations based on Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™, drawn from Scripture. ECFA serves as a financial accountability partner to ministries who voluntarily seek accreditation and continue to faithfully demonstrate their commitment to ECFA’s high standards. The standards are set at an appropriately high level to provide the essential guardrails for financial integrity in churches and ministries of all sizes.

MissioNexus Member

Missio Nexus is the largest association of globally focused organizations and churches in the USA and Canada. This network includes over 20,000 global workers, 300 organizations and some hundreds of churches.

Evaluated by Excellence in Giving

EIG awards the Transparency Seal to nonprofits based on disclosure of key performance data that exceed IRS, BBB, or Guidestar standards.

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