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This summer I will be doing a 3 month internship in Bangkok, Thailand which is located in the 10/40 window & is an unreached metropolis with less than 1% Evangelical Christians. The Thai church is an extremely small minority & as part of the summer program I will experience life as a cross-cultural worker immersed in a new culture, receive mentorship, go on prayer walks in the city & learn introductory language to connect with locals. I will focus on prayer ministry in some of Thailand's spiritually darkest and unreached locations, including Thai Buddhist temples. Beyond prayer, there will be chances for ministry in red-light districts and on college campuses in Bangkok. While centered in Bangkok, I will also experience shorter trips to rural regions and neighboring countries. Through this opportunity I will hopefully leave Southeast Asia with a greater understanding of how God is moving in this part of the world and what contextualization of the gospel looks like in an unreached place

  • Peace and patience through the process of fundraising and departure to Thailand
  • Guidance and protection over flights in and out of the country
  • Discernment and intentionality in my spiritual and prayer life prior to and in Thailand