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The Rahab Foundation works in San Jose, Costa Rica, to see families that have been involved in prostitution and human trafficking restored through knowing Jesus and reintegrated into society with new skills. By focusing on restoring human rights through holistic recovery programs, we reincorporate these people into the labor market and provide healing in the areas of life that have been affected by working in sexual commerce.

Our approach is holistic and one that provides victims and their families’ psychological, medical, spiritual, and legal support. The hub of our program is mandatory weekly psychosocial support group participation, during which we deal with many subjects such as abuse, self-esteem, couple and parenting relationships and God’s healing love.  These important themes bring new meaning to their lives and are aimed to bring about the restoration process.

On an average, 75 women are involved in the restoration process each year. They each receive individual and group therapy and spiritual counseling.  Along with their children, they may receive literacy classes, elementary education and computer training, depending on their needs and interests. They are also offered vocational training in micro-enterprise administration, baking, sewing, jewelry making, quilting and cosmetology.  Follow-up Bible study classes are also offered for those women who have finished the basic restoration process.

Many of these efforts are coordinated through our network of training organizations and with the support of different professionals who donate their time and work. These include: literacy and basic education classes, computer courses, vocational training courses and other special courses enhance their educational and personal growth.

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