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The word “talibé” means “disciple” or “follower” and is a term that is applied to young boys that are sent to live with a Quranic teacher in order to learn the Quran. These boys, between 5 and 17 years old, many times live in squalid conditions and are often abused. While their evenings are spent reciting the Quran, their days are spent being forced to beg on the streets for a daily quota of money and/or rice to return to their religious teacher. If the boys do not meet their daily quota they are often beaten or suffer severe punishment.

The church La Source in Dakar wants to show these boys the love of Jesus Christ. The courtyard of their church is open three days a week providing these boys with a warm meal, medical attention, a place to shower and wash their clothes, as well as a break from the harsh realities of their life. And it’s also a place to hear the Gospel and see the Gospel lived out as these neglected and forgotten boys are shown love and care.

Would you consider partnering with La Source to help provide this Christ-like ministry to these boys? Their ministry is currently facing financial problems that have caused them to have to scale back their ministry and reduce their part-time staff. Would you consider a one-time gift to help get their Talibé ministry back on its feet?

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