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Shalom Nursery and Primary school is growing in significant ways.   With a new fence the site is much more secure, and with a new headteacher the future is looking bright.   We currently have 91 nursery students and 306 primary students with 19 staff members.

Currently we are working on a permanent kitchen and multipurpose hall.  The children were only able to gather under the trees, so heavy rains meant eating in the classrooms and holding assemblies was very difficult.   Our initial plans were for a modest shelter.  When we visited last October we realized something bigger and permanent would be much better for the sustainability of the school.    

We are excited to share pictures of the current progress- The roofing is complete, ceilings ready to plaster in the kitchen and front.  

Windows and doors are being made now and will use up what we have raised. $4,300 will cover plastering the walls inside and out, floors, and reinforcing the foundations to finish the structure. To add the painting we will need $2,400.

Furnishings like benches and tables will be a great help for  $2,000.

Every gift will help us finish our beautiful hall and bring greater confidence and hope to the whole community!  

Thank you so much for being part of creating a new future for these children and families through this Christian school in the Rakai District Uganda.

Much love Gary & Penny

We're working on adding a giving method for Uganda: Shalom School and Ministry Centre

Please check back in soon.