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Bringing people around the table

Our Regional Training Hubs create connections within regions around the world. We call them hubs. Hubs connect churches in each region to our global network of 120+ seminary and training partners. They provide a pool of resources, knowledge, wisdom, and support to address the most pressing training needs of emerging church leaders.

  • Theological Education Consulting
    • Multi-national theological education experts providing strategic consulting to schools and training programs.
  • Institutes for Excellence
    • Workshops for school faculty and trainers to sharpen their skills and share knowledge.
  • Non-formal Training
    • Experienced pastors and church planters offering 
training and mentoring.
  • Mesa Scholars
    • PhD and master’s level scholars joining theological schools and communities worldwide.
  • Scholarships & Fellowships
    • Financial assistance for church leaders: students preparing for ministry, scholars doing cutting-edge research.
  • Spiritual Formation
    • Resources, retreats and mentors focused on 
soul care and character development.

We're working on adding a giving method for Regional Training Hubs

Please check back in soon.