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Lisa has been involved in Christian camping in Latin America since 1983. She served her first five years at a campsite outside of Mexico City and while there created the first edition of a camp cabin counselor training course and workbook with a Mexican coworker Mirna Sotomayor. In 1990 she was recruited by Bob Sabean to create a encurriculum for developing leaders through the Association of Christian Camping international, Latin America (CCI/LA). Over the last three decades 1.5 million campers have been impacted by Christ in camps organized by leaders who have graduated from CCI/LA’s training courses in 14 countries of Latin America.

From 2021-2024 Lisa, with the rest of the CCI/LA staff will be opening up “New Pathways” as they form a team of writers, editors, and designers. This team will learn to edit and update CCI/LA’s extensive curriculum, create new materials to meet the needs of the local churches who do the camping, and wisely utilize the digital platforms now available.

  • Pray for a committed, teachable, and creative writing team to be formed for the four year training program of “New Pathways”.
  • Pray for each of the 32 team members to be matched with one generous financial sponsor, willing to donate $1000 per year for “New Pathways”. We currently have 20 sponsors and need 12 more.
  • Pray for a swift recovery both economically and spiritually since Honduras was greatly damaged first by COVID and now the tropical storm Eta.