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We are thrilled to be connected with Centro Educativo  Manantial, a private school whose mission is to be committed to loving and serving school families by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing quality education and cultivating meaningful relationships. Grades K- 12

Shelly and I are located in the southern part of Mexico on the Pacific Coast in the town of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. (Population 45,000). Shelly is the coordinator of the English department for the middle and high schools. Though I am officially retired, I am involved in ministry in various ways. I have been asked to contact men serving with our mission in Mexico on a quarterly  basis on behalf of member care. Shelly and I have been offering some informal  counseling to a couple, and we are involved with the local church helping in  various ways as we develop relationships here, as well as do mentoring.
We are building our first owned home, which we desire to be used for hospitality outreach.

  • That God would provide the resources and strength to construct the house.
  • That God would touch the students' hearts and that they and their families might come to know Christ.
  • That God would provide funding for the school and church to finishpaying for the property and construction of the facilities dedicated to servingthe school (kindergarten through college level).