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Joe and Ladaere Milioni served overseas in Latin America for 20 years, planting churches and training church planters. They wound up their time overseas in the country of Jordan, teaching in an international school. Joe currently serves as the Senior Training Director of The Center for Intercultural Training. CIT has a long history of preparing N. American missionaries from over 60 agencies to thrive around the world. He is responsible for keeping the training for future missionaries fresh, preparing them for the challenges and joys they will encounter. He developed a hybrid, online component which begins before they even arrive on our campus and continues with activities that take learned information and make it practical in each cultural context. Joe takes leadership seriously and enjoys developing the facilitators and hearing their ideas.

Joe has also facilitated the Sembradores network in Cuba for the last 14 years. Sembradores has seen over 1,000 churches planted, bringing denominations all over the island together as they carry out the Great Commission. It has been exciting to see the Cubans take ownership and run the training on their own. We are now in the exciting phase of training new Cuban missionaries to reach people in some of the most difficult-to-reach places as God has prepared them through suffering to be a light to the nations.

  • For the development of CIT programs around the world.
  • For the Sembradores team in Cuba to continue boldly.
  • For our kids as they make their way in this world as young adults.