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Our unique mission in Europe is to equip pastors and leaders with a special kind of resource - a model of ministry that targets the heart as the wellspring of fundamental, significant, sustained change - through the Gospel. We call it the Battle for the Heart.

This kind of transformation doesn't just happen, and it doesn't happen quickly. Out of their own change process, we coach church leaders to cultivate deep, slow, intentional spiritual formation pathways and processes, based on the life of Christ, to make mature and equipped followers of Jesus. We call it Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship (a.k.a., Leadership Development).

As a result, God's people begin to live deep, out of their whole hearts, in biblical community - engaging their domains where they live, work, and play with the Gospel, reproducing their lives into the lives of others. God is delighted and the world surprised by this beautiful bride of Christ!

One church makes a difference. One pastor makes a difference. One partner makes a difference. It's the financial generosity and faithful prayers from our ministry partners like you that truly catalyze the impact of the Gospel!

Children: Eden, Canaan, Bethany, & Nile