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Centro Cristiano de Sabiduría is an Accelerated Christian Education school covering Kindergarten through High School. We encourage our students to not only achieve their academic dreams but to also seek for God's guidance as to what He wants for their future. Our Middle and High School students participate in the anual national and international student conventions where they have the opportunity to compete in over 140 events and also hear the Word of God and His calling for their lives. Our students are all Mexican so by the time they graduate High School, English comes naturally to them and so the possibility of studying in a college in the United States is possible for them. This is important because with these educations they can have better opportunities not only for themselves and their familias but also for the furthering of God's Kingdom.

Having been the son of missionaries I had in one form or another served God. It wasn't until I was in my early twenties that I began serving in Christian education. My wife then joined me as I started an A.C.E. school and we've been working with the Middle and High School students ever since. God has called us to work with the A.C.E. curriculum for as long as we can and wherever He may send us.

  • A proper and own school building and grounds.
  • A school bus or van for outings and trips.
  • The coming year of fund raising.