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We are church planters and disciplers based in Medellín, Colombia. We serve Latin American churches in two specific ways. We provide them with information and connections to other local and international ministries, programs, and teaching materials so they can equip and grow themselves; or by training the leadership and showing them how to implement the things being taught to them, so they can teach these principles in their congregations. We believe healthy leaders produce healthy leaders and healthy churches.

One of the most neglected mission fields is church leadership. Many leaders are either not equipped or partially equipped, and struggle to lead, walk alongside, and disciple their own congregations. Our goal is to walk alongside them and give them the tools to help them love and follow Jesus with more passion and determination than ever, and to identify areas of weakness and help them strengthen those areas, so they can teach others to do the same (2 Timothy 2:1-3).

  • For wisdom as we walk alongside leaders and the churches that they shepherd.
  • For God's grace as we adjust to and serve on a new mission field and with a new team.
  • That God would produce healthy churches and leaders throughout Latin America.