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In April 2022 we became the Mesa Global member care coordinators for Europe. We connect with UWM's European missionaries online from Oregon for 8-10 months a year and then travel to see them in their local contexts for 2-4 months a year.

Our role is that of offering care, prayer, encouragement, resources, and anything else our European missionaries (and their marriages and families) may need. Our goal is to help each missionary and their family members to stay healthy and thriving in the places and ministries where God has called them to serve.

After serving with Mesa Global for five years in Prague, Czech Republic, we sensed God’s invitation to move into a new role, serving our Mesa Global European cross-cultural workers and their families.

  • Please pray for Mesa Global's missionaries in Europe, that they (and their marriages, families, and ministries) would be healthy, growing, and thriving as they daily walk closely with Jesus.
  • Please also pray that we will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we make ourselves available to our missionaries to provide prayer, emotional support, spiritual support, and any other resources that they may need.