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I'm serving in Phoenix, Arizona, with the organization GoTEN. GoTEN seeks to facilitate discipleship relationships among unreached people groups. My team and I connect and build friendships with refugee families from unreached people groups who are resettled in Phoenix. Many of the families we interact with are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Myanmar. As we live life alongside our refugee friends we communicate stories of hope from the Bible through storytelling. Then as we see how open our friends are to Bible stories, we invite them into a discipleship relationship to intentionally help them find the Truth and accept the Gospel.

  • Pray for unreached refugees in Phoenix to have open hearts and minds to know who Jesus is.
  • Pray for the many refugee families who are connected with our team and that friendships would continue to grow and strengthen. Ask God to continue giving our team opportunities to share Bible stories as we converse with our refugee friends.
  • Pray for our GoTEN Training Center to continue being a meeting place for refugees and local believers to foster deep and meaningful friendships.