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I (Francesco) am a missional scholar for the Mesa Global Scholar, and I will be serving at IBEI, Italian Evangelical Bible Institute in Rome (Italy). While the main focus will be teaching NT courses, together with Manuela, my wife, we’ll also be involved in mentoring students and collaborating with local churches. Our four daughters are Sofia (13), Naomi (11), Rachele & Rebecca (4).

My vision and passion is bridging the gap between the church and academia, by making exegesis and theology intelligible and relevant for the life of the church in Italy. IBEI is intentional and concretely invested in this regard. With its focus on a holistic and organic formation (theological/spiritual/practical) of the whole person and by offering formation on campus as well as in the various churches around Italy, the school maintains the clear and ultimate goal to fully equipping present and future generations for the ministry, be that as pastor, teacher, missionary, or bible-study leader.

  • Pray as we transition back to Italy that we can fit in quickly; pray especially for our girls.
  • Pray we can serve with passion and humility, helping students to seeing and living the Word as they also grow in their faith and love for God.
  • Pray for our fund-raising/financial support.