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Our ministry is dedicated to spread the Gospel, focusing on church planting among migrant communities. Through our Church Planting Training Program, we equip and empower a new generation of leaders to break molds and paradigms, adapting to the changing world without compromising biblical principles. We foster leadership development, discipleship, and the establishment of thriving faith communities that are on fire for Christ, His Kingdom, and souls.

As "shakers" and mobilizers, we awaken the missionary spark and make the flame of Christ beat in every Latino heart. We strive to be the light, spreading love through compassion, and fostering unity that transcends borders, languages, and cultures. Our heartfelt goal is to see individuals and families flourish in their relationship with God, experiencing His boundless love and impacting their communities with the transformative power of the Gospel

  • For the growth of our church plants in Michigan and Mexico, for committed leaders to rise up, and for God's presence to be unmistakably evident in our interactions with migrants.
  • We humbly ask for prayer in finding partners who share our deep passion for migrant communities and are willing to support our ministry financially, providing the necessary resources to continue church planting, develop impactful Christian education programs, and expand our outreach.