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As a family we believe that the impact we can make on young people is enormous - the simple fact of finding a community where they feel safe, where they can learn, where they can be themselves, where they are not judged for their follies and immaturity, a community that will help them to get to know Jesus in a real and personal way is significant.
We believe in the importance of discipling youth, motivating them to have a personal and deep relationship with Christ so they can experience God – all this can happen through meaningful relationships with others through outdoor ADVENTURE and activities. A key to this process is leaders who show love and genuine friendship, and who encourage those whom they disciple to develop a life of intimate communion with God.
Investing in children and youth today, discipling them, is a vital part of what the Church needs to ensure it will continue to flourish in the years to come.

  • Wisdom from the Spirit to chose the the right people to built a team with passion.
  • Physical Health to able to keep doing ministry.