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Our passion- what we long to see -are Christian communities and individuals who live out the gospel holistically, authentically, and transformatively in every area of life.
I (Tori) pursue my passion by partnering with the ministries of INFEMIT and CETI. As INFEMIT’s Director of Operations, I enable ministry leaders from across the world to build fellowship and share resources that will strengthen the Church worldwide. As CETI’s Academic Advisor, I help update and design curriculum for lay people who want to explore what following Jesus looks like in their everyday lives.

Rubén pursues this passion in his work for Paz y Esperanza, advocating for the rights of indigenous people so they can build flourishing communities and collaborating with Peruvians across social sectors to pursue environmental conservation and justice.

Our understanding of God's purposes for God's world drives us to seek shalom and wholeness in every realm of life in our world.

  • Please pray with us for Peru, which is going through a season of economic instability, political upheaval, and climate crises. We pray especially for the most vulnerable, who bear the weight of the effects, and for those with the power to make a difference - that they would be willing to do so.
  • Our organizations could use your prayers! Specifically, for students facing personal and financial challenges, teams managing many fronts, and fundraising as we seek to serve more people.