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I will be working alongside a busy local medical clinic in Dushanbe, Tajikistan using my degree in Health Care Management. My team is focused on working to facilitate multiplication of disciples, disciple making groups, and developing businesses for transformation. I would be learning principles of disciple multiplication, and be expected to spend significant time in prayer - focused both on worship and interceding for the Father to do what only he can in Central Asia. I would also have several language lessons per week learning Tajik and would have a variety of opportunities to join in prayer walks, village visits, and other efforts to build relationships and seek those who God is drawing in and are open to hearing more about God’s redemptive plan through Jesus. I will be assisting in the assessments needed to expand the business wisely, administration, involvement in grant and loan requests, and beginning to facilitate kingdom business training with local believers.

  • For the Lord to sustain me during my time of transition out of college, trainings, and raising up partnerships.
  • The softening of hearts for the local people in Dushanbe, and for the Lord to lead me to people of peace during my time there.
  • The preparation that needs to take place in me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before moving to a new country.