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After I finish seminary, I plan to move to Senegal and partner with the existing team there to launch a new area of ministry focused on working with individuals with disabilities and their families. Because this is a unique ministry, the specifics of my role will be established overtime as relationships are build.

I hope to build relationships with people in the northern region of Senegal with the vision of establishing connections with families who are impacted by disability there. I hope to see God use me to empower individuals with special needs to have an impact for the gospel in a unique way as well as support and equip families and communities to care well for this population of image bearers.

  • That the Lord would continue to give me his heart for the people in Northern Senegal and that he would continue to give me vision for what ministry to individuals with special needs can look like in this region.
  • For perseverance as the Lord prepares and equips me for this new ministry field. That I can stay the course in the preparation process.
  • That I would find rest in the Lord in the midst of the busy and that I would continue to draw near to him as the source of my strength.