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As waves of refugees have sought a better life elsewhere, Europe has sought to apply a kind of quota system with each of the European Community countries taking their ‘fair’ share. Belgium has been pretty welcoming. People are flown from all over the world and as amazing as it sounds many are coming from Latin America. Multicultural churches in Belgium have opened their doors to minister and reach out to all these new Europeans in many different ways.

We have been invited to serve together with The Evangelical Protestant Church of Huy among the Latino members by gathering together for discipleship, worship and mentoring in their heart language. Engaging within the community in service projects, and outreach to other Latinos in the area plus the many new comers and seekers in the City. We will be also joining the local church and using our gifts and expertise in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and family ministries.

  • Pray for our Pre-field preparations and the process of building our Ministry Partnership Team.
  • Pray for our children Emmanuel (11) and Abi (7) that the Lord gives them peace and strength to thrive during this Pre-field process.
  • Pray for health and a good rhythm of life, that we are able to feel God's presence in the middle of this transitioning time.