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After almost 8 years of training at Dallas Theological Seminary, Arnon and Jessica are gearing up to return to their homeland, Brazil. They bring along two little Texans, their daughters Elise and Laura. The Batistas believe that well-formed Christian leaders play a critical role in the flourishing of God’s global family and mission. They want to help train such leaders in Brazil and other parts of the Portuguese speaking world.

Through Mesa Globa's Theological Education Initiative, Arnon has been appointed to serve as research professor of biblical studies at Faculdade Batista Logos in São Paulo. Pursuing knowledge in the context of life with God for the world sums up much of his heart for theological education. Jessica seeks to cultivate her home as a garden where people’s love for God and their neighbor finds nourishment for growth. She brings to the table training in Bible and theology, handy pharmaceutical knowledge, and a love of good literature.

  • Pray that we would model the humility, grace, and wisdom of the Savior in the way we live and serve.
  • Pray for the successful completion of Arnon’s dissertation and our transition to Brazil in 2025.
  • Pray for the development of a community of ministry partners who long for the vitality of God’s people and kingdom in the Portuguese speaking world.