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I am beyond excited to join the Mesa Global team in Bangkok, Thailand.

Located in the 10/40 window, Thailand is considered an unreached nation, as less than 1% are Christian. Sadly, this international hub is also home to some of the biggest red-light districts in the world. The Thai church is currently in an exciting time of growth, yet they are still an extremely small minority. I hope to work in an NGO in the city that focuses on supporting Thai women as they leave the sex industry and begin a new life. The hope of this ministry is that through these programs we are able to build relationships with women and provide a soft landing for them to rest, heal, and transition into a new career and lifestyle. I also can’t wait to bring my curiosity and storytelling skills to Bangkok to tell the stories of the people there in a way that reflects their rich culture and captures the beauty of the people there.

  • Partners to financially and prayerfully join the work I am going to do.
  • A seamless transition from the US to Bangkok.
  • God to open the hearts of people in Thailand to hear the Gospel and that he would empower Thai believers to share the hope that they have.