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I, Aboubacar (most people call me Bagar), am from Guinea and am Landuma. I am currently enrolled in Ethnos360 Bible Institute online to equip myself to join others on the translation of the Bible into my own language, Landuma. The Landuma people are over 90% muslim and animistic. This Bible translation project has already directly impacted the transformation of my father’s life and then my families. Our prayer is that with the continuation of this project, we will see more lives transformed in my community.

I, Grace, serve at a Christian Deaf School, where I have the opportunity to show God’s love to Deaf students from around Senegal. Before coming to school many Deaf children are isolated within their own families, but here, their world’s grow. Our school is a place where these kids find access to language and education, community, family, and for some, a relationship with Jesus.

  • Pray for the advancement of the Landuma Bible translation project.
  • Pray that the Deaf students will feel the impact of God’s love.
  • Pray for God’s guidance and our obedience as we serve Him in Senegal.